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Get a Fresh Start After Your Separation

Work with a qualified divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Christopher P. Hamm, PLLC in Bedford, TX

Going through a divorce can be overwhelming even under the best circumstances. Turn to the Law Office of Christopher P. Hamm, PLLC for support. With over a decade of divorce law experience, attorney Hamm can help you resolve any issue that comes up and finalize your divorce with as little stress as possible. From dividing your assets to reaching a child support agreement, he'll be there during every step of the process.

Make an appointment with a divorce lawyer in Bedford, TX.

Put your child's needs first

Put your child's needs first

The Law Office of Christopher P. Hamm helps clients with child custody issues in Bedford, TX. When you retain attorney Hamm, he will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the best options for your child
  • Work hard to find an arrangement that benefits you and your child
  • Represent you in family court during your custody battle

Trust attorney Hamm to guide you through your custody dispute. He'll stand by you as you fight to protect what matters most. Call his office now to discuss your child custody case.