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When to File for Guardianship

Make sure you can always protect your loved ones

You probably think of a legal guardian as a parent. But a guardianship can allow you to care for an adult who needs help managing their affairs due to Alzheimer's, a developmental disability or other legal incapacity. The Law Office of Christopher P. Hamm, PLLC will work with you to gain legal guardianship over your loved one.

Christopher Hamm has years of experience helping his clients take care of their family members who need assistance. Call 817.494.0391 today to schedule a meeting to discuss your loved one's legal needs with a compassionate attorney.

Who needs your guardianship?

Who needs your guardianship?

Filing for legal guardianship can help you protect those who depend on you. Christopher Hamm can help you get guardianship over:

  • A special needs child approaching adulthood
  • An elderly parent with cognitive or other issues
  • A child who is set to inherit money from a deceased loved one
  • A child without a competent parent

Without legal guardianship, you won't be able to make important decisions regarding your loved one's health, finances and personal care. Visit the Law Office of Christopher P. Hamm today to learn more.