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Has a Loved One Died Unexpectedly?

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If your loved one has passed away with or without a will, you may need to probate their estate. You'll need to get the legal authority to settle their affairs and manage their estate. A probate lawyer from the Law Office of Christopher P. Hamm, PLLC can help.

You don't need to handle all the paperwork involved in handling your loved one's estate. Christopher Hamm can answer all your questions and take care of the details so you can be more present with your family during this difficult time. Dial 817.494.0391 to set up an appointment today.

When a will isn't enough, we'll be there

When a will isn't enough, we'll be there

When a family member dies with a will, managing their affairs may be straightforward. Unfortunately, their will may be contested if:

  • Your loved one made changes shortly before their death
  • Someone locates a different, seemingly valid will
  • The will wasn't witnessed, signed or otherwise verified

Christopher Hamm can help you administer the estate and move it through probate more quickly.